DropSend Business Plan - Send large files to your clients

The perfect solution for securely sending your important business files to clients and colleagues, and safely storing them online.

Get your own customized interface Allow everyone in your company or group to share one account

For $99 a month you can:

  • Send files securely over SSL
  • Customize your account with your own logo and colors
  • Give access to a group of people (up to 100 - want more?)
  • Ensure that your clients see a fully branded interface
  • Choose your own web address using “groupdropbox.com”: yourcompany.groupbox.com.
  • Send and receive an unlimited number of files
  • Store up to 500 GB of files
  • Easily send and receive files from clients without having to explain complicated FTP procedures
  • Be notified when files have been received

It's perfect for:

  • Transfering large graphics files
  • Sending confidential files securely
  • Sending audio and video files
  • Getting files to clients quickly
  • Sharing jpeg and raw image files
  • Backing up a website or a project
  • Sending any large file to your local printshop (i.e. Kinko's/Staples)
  • Sharing files between offices
  • Groups that need to share files
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DropSend - Great for businesses and groups!
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Personalized Interface

The Business Plan is fully customizable. You can brand your account with your logo and company colors to make it look like a part of your site.