Introducing Duplicate PhotoFinder


WebMinds is proud to announce Duplicate Photo Finder – a program designed to help you locate similar photos based on actual image content, regardless of their file name, format, photo size, bit depth and orientation of the object. The program identifies even rotated or flipped photos or those that have different shooting conditions. The innovative content-based photo comparison algorithm ensures phenomenal accuracy.

Content Based Image Retrieval “CBIR” in the application scans your computer and organizes photos that have common contents. CBIR analyzes the images for RGB color component changes. This information is used to compare to other processed images.

Photos with similar content are presented side-by-side so you can decide which photos are the best of the bunch. This is great for photographers that take lots of photos of the same subject, but at different settings.

These are similar photos, but not duplicates. Duplicate Photo Finder locates them because their image content is similar and arranges them to display side-by-side .

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